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The UBC Bankrupt Proof Your Biz In A Box was designed and created for Aspiring Entreprenerus who want to create a business that is sustainable, successful, and profitable.

The tools and resources included in the Biz Box will ensure that you, the Aspiring Entrepreneur, know how to "Bankrupt Proof Your Biz" and how "Cover Your Biz A$$ets".


The contents of the UBC Bankrupt Proof Your Biz In A Box:


  1.  Introductory Letter from UBC Team
  2.  Bankrupt Proof Your Biz E-Book
  3.  Bankrupt Proof Your Biz Business Plan Workbook
  4. 31 Day Startup Business Journal
  5. Startup Tips to Don't Quit Your Business E-Book
  6. 365 Day 1st Year in Business Journal (Coming Soon)


The UBC Bankrupt Your Proof Biz In A Box is a must have for anyone starting their own business.

UBC Bankrupt Proof Your Biz In A Box

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